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Malware again checks into Hyatt's hotels, again checks out months later with victims' credit cards

Bob Dole (tm)

I stayed at a Hyatt a few weeks ago. The phone numbers for the rewards members listed on the back of the cards were turned off. The login on the website went to a web server error page.

Once I finally found a customer service phone number and got someone on the phone the line disconnected after I had read 4 digits of my cc number. It took another 3 calls due to disconnects finally get the reservation confirmed.

The only reason I persisted is because I have a fair number of free nights built up and the wife was insistent I use them.

Whoever is in charge of their IT and telephony should be fired. Actually, don’t stop there. Just fire the whole damn department and start over. Any “institutional knowledge” lost from that would be a good thing.

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