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Fear the SAP-slap? Users can anonymously submit questions about licensing naughtiness


Ah yes. That license signed by someone years ago that noone's read.

Company changes - as they do - merger/grows/whatever.

That real good deal on 10 seats suddenly needs to be redone for 50, 100, different countries.

What do you mean you only do a minimum of 50 seats per site?

Ive 10 sites now, with only 10 people in.

My licenign has gone from ~5k/y to 200k!!!!!

Sometmes, you are bit by the price going up.

I had to ship a produce based on W2k + MS DB.

At the initial time, I ummed + ahhed - COuld we use Linux and this new fangled MySQL - its not aving to do a lot really.

Oh no, <x> knows MS and the MS cost per unit will only be ~300/unit.

This was the right decision back then.

Fast forward 10 years, W2K (100/uni) replaces by WS2008R (800/unit)

MS whatever (200/unit) replace by update @ 1000/core - but its a 16 core machine!

The MS unit licensing cost went from ~300 -> 5K

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