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European Patent Office's document churning snatches Germany's attention: 'We are concerned about quality'


Property is Theft...

...therefore Intellectual Property is Intellectual Theft.

Who is the staff rep? The name is not mentioned in the article.

Whoever (s)he is, (s)he has good connections on El Reg, looking at the number of articles on this agency. There are more articles on EPO than on ENISA!

Anyway, staff of EPO complaining of having too much work impacting the quality of the process is nothing new, and that was years before the arrival of today EPO's president. 11 years ago, the SUEPO already stated that "the number of challenges over the validity of granted patents could easily increase.". Mr. McCarthy uses the same argument 11 years later: "it raises the likelihood that approved patents are then challenged and even defeated in court". So Mr. McCarthy, could you please enlighten us, how much did that number of challenge in court increase in the last 11 years? And compared to the number of patents?

Also, in the article it is stated that "the organization [was] repeatedly pulled in front of the International Labor Organization, the courts and even the European Court of Human Rights.". How many cases were opened? Did any of them produce results? What were they if any?

No more one-sided statements but data, please!

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