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EPO makes significantly more money than it spends, therein lies part of the problem. The push is to make even more money.

It also governs itself, rejecting any rule of law of either EU or the host ing country, where even police doesn't get access to its offices, and no taxes are payed locally (employees pay taxes back to the EPO out of their salary). There are plenty of articles elsewhere on this corrupted malformation which avoids any external governance.

How do you like these latest changes to the rules that target the working staff:

- Create a fast-track disciplinary procedure, overseen by the president, for instances of "professional incompetence."

- Allow management to withhold salary if it decides a staff member has "failed to perform his assigned duties while being at work."

- Put the cost of an unsuccessful appeal onto staff.

I agree that extra vacation days are a bit too much, but that's only one point out of 14...

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