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Not good enough

Not good enough.

The key job of a regulator is to maintain competition. All merger conditions on Qualcom so far have failed to do so.

Example - Qualcom took over Atheros in 2011. In 2011 we had a relatively healthy mix of WiFi socs for routers and CPEs. While Broadcom was clearly the 800lb gorilla, its place was contested.

5 years later there is f*** all competition in the market - it is 95%+ Broadcom now, because Qualcom has cherry-picked some of the Atheros IPR to go into the WiFi portion of their SoCs and killed the rest.

The biggest sufferers by the way are open source projects - from having 60%+ of high end devices on the market supportable by OpenWRT we are down to 0. Not a single tri-band router you can buy on Amazon has any open source support. Even in the trunk of OpenWRT (or LEDE for that matter).

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