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European Patent Office staff rep blames prez for 'slipping quality'

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Dear Pascal,

Cutting benefits from others may not make you much happier. Instead why don't you fight to acquire some new rights ? (oh but this is a little more difficult than just being cynical of course.)

This item indeed allowed people to keep a social bound with theirs back home. This was not silly and served a HUMAN/SOCIAL purpose for expats who dedicate their life to an organisation far from home (and are highly likely come back home after 35 years or more).

This also makes some sense when you have to recruit people on a large geographical basis (38 countries for the EPO) and if want to attract candidates from each of these countries and possibly the best ones (incl. those with the highest work conditions back home eg CH, DK, NO, SE etc). If you are not attractive compared to majors (who propose work place atmospheres often by far much more attractive than the EPO) then you can kiss good bye getting good people joining your organisation.

You see before speaking short sighted stuff, try first to think next time.

Btw if you apply at EPO (if you do so asap you and get recruited before 1st January 2018 )you may still qualify to home leave in theory, since in practice, HR lead by Elodie Bergot is already putting on ice the effective recruitment of the selected candidates to make them start AFTER the new policies have been voted.

Isn'it it nice and caring HR management ?

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