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> But in your delusional mind thats not a digital divide lol.

I have never said it is not a digital divide. The rich will always have more money to spend. The point I'm making is that >80% of Australians have selected 25Mbps, so that should be considered the baseline. The question I'm asking you is why are you so special that you deserve the benefits of a government funded network that you deny to >80%. Are you special enough to be in the 1% connected at 1Gbps in 2026? I doubt it, because if you were, you wouldn't be complaining about the cost of technology change.

> Lol no you claim it was going down.

The percentage on 100Mbps dropped sharply from the first connections to stabilise at 14%. This steep drop under Labor's governance is easily explained by the early adopters selecting faster speeds and late adopters choosing slower speeds.

Internet Connection Speed Recommendations from Netflix are 5Mbps for HD & 25Mbps for UHD. Now you might think 25Mbps indicates those on 25Mbps will need to upgrade, however I expect most will bauk at the cost increases to deliver 25Mbps during peak hour. 25Mbps of CVC at $14Mbps = $350.

> Another spin and liie with nothing to back it up with

I suggest reading NBN: ISP Congestion and speed tiers which explains why when RSPs purchase inadequate CVC resulting in congestion there is little value in purchasing faster speeds. Simply calculating NBNCo Wholesale costs, RSPs cannot sell the current plans at a profit and provdie a congestion free network.

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