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> First NBN fibre extension comes in: $150,000

Date of article: 16-Aug-2012 (pre FTTN, while Labor in power)

Context: Person requested to change from Satellite to FTTP and was quoted $150,000.

One source in the industry suggested lack of infrastructure could require NBN Co to spend up to $120,000 to build new pit-and-pipe over the 1.3 kilometre distance in a built-up area.

The article you should have linked to is Few users go through with expensive NBN tech switches

Date: 31-Mar-2017

Quote: Bill Morrow’s assertions at estimates last week that the costs normally ranged from “sub-$1000 to tens of thousands of dollars” are broadly accurate. The average cost per premises, based on these new figures, is around $7395.

Based on this average cost is likely to be less than 6 months on 1Gbps.

The first time you provide a reference it is dated prior to LNP being elected and is a complaint about Labor's plan.

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