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Your position is that a priviliged few (<14%) should enjoy speeds on a goverment network that through different technologies are denied to others.

"My simple position is that if FTTN adequately meets the demands of >80% then that is all the government is required to provide. Those who require more have two choices move to an FTTP location or technology change."

But in your delusional mind thats not a digital divide lol. If the move how could they if the user purchase demand they connect fibre which cost up to $150k. Lol

"Move evidence of your irrational fibre fanboi logic by picking an extreme unreferenced number." but then I guess you only read your fanboy status quo.

"Most suggest FTTN to FTTP will cost between $5,000 to $15,000. Less than a kitchen renovation and less than stamp duty." But then you do no reference lol

"The percentage on 100Mbps on FTTP has barely changed in the last 4 years. You should know this, but have this belief system that demand is sitting there waiting to explode."

Lol no you claim it was going down. Well considering users on fttn had to be move down speeds due to fttn cant deliver it. Most people on ADSL already know how goid there copper is no wonder fttn can barely get into doublle digits for 100Mbps lol

"Sadly, you cannot distinguish between your personal desire and the reality of the general population"

Yes you can't as polls have shown they would prefer fttp lol

"Unfortunately unlimited data plans have contributed to the lack of demand for faster speeds because faster plans mean more data can be downloaded adding to the cost, whereas faster plans on the same quota have little impact on the network."

Another spin and liie with nothing to back it up with but keep trying lol

"The only significant move in speed in ADSL was triggered by Internode installing DSLAMs into exchanges and offering uncapped speeds. TPG with FTTB are somewhat similar offering either 12Mbps or 100Mbps for $10 extra."

Ahh so 5 years after ADSL started in Australia lol. But please keep trying lol your busted google claim lol

"Again yet more unsubstansiated fibre fanboi wishful thinking. FTTB is an entirely separte product to FTTN" please try again. The accc does that the nbn doesnt. Should I go back here on these forums where I have points to your exact claim the the link you even provided stated as much. But please try again I know it goes against your fanboy status of saying to same thing over again might make it come true lol.

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