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"Your selfishness in not caring that most Australians were going to be denied the benefits of the NBN enabled LNP to replace FTTP with HFC & FTTN because it met the requirements of >80%."

Lol your selfiness in not caring that most Australians are now denied any benefits and any further speed increases. As you you figures for what people are choosing now considering most Australians have never had speeds in the double digits. Would have love to seen your argement vs dial up and ADSL when it came out. What was ADSL traction 5 or 10 years after it came out?. Your lack of any foresight shows you want to deny Australian any speed increase unless they can afford the cost of up to $150k. We

can already see whaat has happeen in other counties. But then you always ignore it.

"If the cost is a small amount then why are only 14% and shrinking selecting 100Mbps?"

Has fttp % changed in the last 4 years? But please try the spin again. But then love how you ignore if we use your delusional argument of a digital divide. If $30 is A small amount causing a digital divide in choice. What would you call $150k choice for the same speeds? I won't expect an answer as its ruins you delusional spin as alwasys lol.

"I've repeatedly given you references to the NBNCo Corporate Plan and ACCC NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report but I doubt you have even read these documents."

Lol you keep banging on about the fttp corporate plan which was a guide line. You have had to shift from 50% on 12/1 to 80% On 25Mbps or less because the o12/1 doesnt support you fanboy status anymore lol.

"If it is spin then I suggest that you provide the references and calculations to substantiate your claims."

In the link you have provided but I guess you have trouble working out %. Or again doesnt support you fanboy status.

"Delusional is suggesting everyone on FTTN (<40% of network) will have network issues on 25Mbps or faster, when NBNCo have reported the average speed down is 67.7Mbps and up is 30.63Mbps. This will improve when profiles are changed after migration from ADSL to FTTN is complete."

So when 65% can get 50Mbps or faster. But then they as i have pointed out to you before are most likely using fttb figure in the average. As to only have 30% above the average speed and 60% below it with 30% cant get faster above 50Mbps. Plus report on people is being to be move down speeds teirs becuase fttn cant supply it. As well as the nbn refusing to release the real fttn speeds.

"Fibre fanboi campaigns since 2012 have achieved nothing outside the small percentage willing to pay for fast speeds, because the general population have correctly judged your attitude as self-interest, not community interest."

As I have shown you with very simple maths that that small % generates more rebuke than the 80% getting a nice cheap service becuase of it. But again as you fanboy copper delusion you ignore it. So trying to make sure the community can have a choice on the same speed vs having a lotto ticket on where you are or how good your copper is to what speeds you can get.

You have already shown your self interest as its al labors fault on a network which is now not there design has been for 4 years. It's apparently labor fault that your fanboy copper couldn't be delivered for $29B and everyone to have 25Mbps last year

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