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"There is a key distinction between 'want' and 'can afford'. Most people in Australia would enjoy driving a luxury European car, but very few can afford it. Labor's speed tiers have as Labor expected, created a digital divide of >80% on 25Mbps or slower and a shrinking percentage (14%) on 100Mbps. "

Ahh so given someone a choice of speeds that has different cost is a digital divide with a small difference in cost. But then shows how delusional you really are

"Based on your argument the availability of technology change removes the issue, because if you want to pay for it you can :-)."

Lol so if we use your delusional arguement of a digital divide. How worst is that digital divide is when instead of spending say $30 more for faster speeds that have to spend up to $150,000 for faster speeds.

Lol whgat massaging of numbers like you 80% on 25Mbps or less lol. That nbn own figures but again you try to make a delusional claim without backing up your claims with any facts as usual just the lie and spin as always lol

"Umm... We do know what it would be today, because NBNCo / ACCC release quarterly figures broken down by technology which show no growth in those prepared to pay for faster speeds."

So since the rollout out stopped in 2013 and fttp figures hasnt changed much at all we apparently know lol best spin i have seen from you. But then we have reports of people being moved down speeds teirs as fttn could supply those speeds but again no growth because unable to now supply.

"Thanks to Labor's speed tiers resulting in >80% on 25Mbps or slower the NBN hasn't delivered the benefits that 1Gbps could have delivered."

Off topic spin As always becuase cant dispute the facts.

"you are well aware if speed tiers were removed on the FTTN network it would have a higher average speed than FTTP with Labor's speed tiers."

Same spin as always want people wants people to pay the same price whether they get 0Mbps or up to 100Mbps lol.

"I don't dispute that 1Gbps could have delivered significant economic and social benefits, however not when Labor intended for <1% to have 1Gbps in 2026."

Almost on topic but with the usual rant at the end. 100Mbps adds 1.2% to our GDP compared to .3%. So much for your 4% rich people delusional claim lol

"Delusional are fibre fanbois believing that Labor was building a 1Gbps network for them, unless of course they were in the elite 1%. But then if you were in the elite 1% technology change wouldn't be a significant expense. Delusional is ignoring the evidence that >80% of Australians have decided to select 25Mbps or slower."

I didn't know supply 100Mbps to every house a 1Gbps network. But then again when the time to increase speeds considering most countries are already suppling 1Gbps networks compared to you fanboy of 25Mbps networks.

Delusional is when you have 65% on user picking the maximum or faster then what the network is required to deliver when it hasnt finished yet. Current ridiculous cost to upgrade premises $150K. Having to upgradecsaud network 5 years after its complete when they have no way if even paying for said upgrades. Claiming to do upgrades when demand is there but won't know the demand is there because they can't supply speeds for that demand lol

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