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Re: Tegile and Nimble aren't "really" AFAs: they were hybrids like Infinidat until recently

To AC, - INFINIDAT Employee here.

YOU SAID: "Infinidat is a "me to" hybrid platform with large scale that wows potential customers with its 1PB marketing. Very capable storage, very large scale, but the performance is certainly NOT, nor can it ever be (unless RAM becomes MUCH less expensive) comparable to an All Flash Array."

>> This is what happens when platforms are compared based on Spec Sheets. HW is the defining element of traditional, tier-based, RAID-based architectures. Traditional Hybrid-Architectures are NOT truly smart when it comes to data properties and that is reflected on their sub-par Cache Hit-Ratio's. (which means you 100% depend on Disc/Media speeds). InfiniBox does not rely on media... as a matter of fact, we don't care whether is SAS or FC spinning rust. What matters is: We get the SPEED, We lower the cost, and we deliver 100x more reliable storage. To me, that's what customers really want.

Note: I personally had tested and replaced VMAX AFAs, XtremIO, Pure, Solid-Fire, V9000's and A9000s, Violin and I'm sure I'm forgetting others. I had been part of the Performance Engineering teams and ALL Flash teams of my previous employers (EMC and IBM).

YOU SAID: Plain and simple, folks that can address ALL THREE requirements: Consistent Low Latency (Flash), Very Low Latency (Hybrid), and Extreme Scale (PB+) are the overall companies that will "win".

>> I honestly believe that is an INCOMPLETE statement. It has an engineering perspective, but in the end, customers don't care if it is SSD, All-Flash, Hybrid or not. (They should not), They (should) care about price, reliability, speed, latency, ease of use, space, integration, support, ROI, stability and future of the company (Pure is dripping money every day), future-proof and overall: value. None of that should be dependent on media (like SSDs and defined as AFAs).

NOW, If a solution can provide that to any customer, what's wrong with that?

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