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SIN was meant for only government, CPP, then Social programs and Income Tax use. Canadians were assured repeatedly that it would never become a universal identification number for business and government it is. Today it is part of many private and corporate databases. In Canada getting a new SIN, usually due to abuse, is all too often undone by a private company linking and referencing databases.

Often a person is only identified enough to find them on one of many databases and then that information is used to populate the new database, information that contains SIN and other data often in violation of provincial privacy laws. Seen that first hand. IMO If any Canadian thinks otherwise they need to ask more questions, pay more attention and stop thinking the government and industry has their best at heart.

In Canada any company dealing with any of your money in anyway, including just receiving it as payment, can claim a need for your SIN and avoid legal action. Some claim they need it because while they do not directly deal with an individual and their money the companies they work with do.

In Canada many private companies still have and use SIN as an identifier but things are better than a decade ago when there were more active SIN than Canadians. The government at the time was trying to reduce the most obvious abuses but the political climate has changed IMO we can expect increased abuse of the SIN and related government systems.

And of course we can expect more lies about the information being collected and stored on Canadians both by governments and businesses.

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