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> So apparently supply speeds of 100Mbps and giving consumers choice on hiw fast they want to pay for is some how in your delusional frame of mind creating a digital divide.

There is a key distinction between 'want' and 'can afford'. Most people in Australia would enjoy driving a luxury European car, but very few can afford it. Labor's speed tiers have as Labor expected, created a digital divide of >80% on 25Mbps or slower and a shrinking percentage (14%) on 100Mbps.

Based on your argument the availability of technology change removes the issue, because if you want to pay for it you can :-).

> So as i have shown you with very simple maths that more peple on higher teirs under fttp generates more revune. But alas you have chosen to ignore that simple fact and claim its CVC cost is the revune stream lol. Considering your delisional in think cvc cost is supplying most of the revenue when it only supplies 30%

You can massage numbers to come up with the desired numbers. What doesn't change and you have consistently ignored is that Labor explicitly stated in the NBNCo Corporate Plan that their stated intention was for NBNCo to derive an increasing portion of revenue from CVC because they in my opinion correctly forecast that increased use of streaming technologies would lead to higher demand. The great advantage of this is that data growth is organic (quota exceeded), where as moving up a speed tier requires a decision by the customer.

> The fact your compare mtm figures vs fttp figures which hasnt change much at all since 2013 who knows what it would be now.

Umm... We do know what it would be today, because NBNCo / ACCC release quarterly figures broken down by technology which show no growth in those prepared to pay for faster speeds.

> So it only doubles once how many times does FTTP doubles our country speed?

Thanks to Labor's speed tiers resulting in >80% on 25Mbps or slower the NBN hasn't delivered the benefits that 1Gbps could have delivered. As you are well aware if speed tiers were removed on the FTTN network it would have a higher average speed than FTTP with Labor's speed tiers.

I don't dispute that 1Gbps could have delivered significant economic and social benefits, however not when Labor intended for <1% to have 1Gbps in 2026.

Delusional are fibre fanbois believing that Labor was building a 1Gbps network for them, unless of course they were in the elite 1%. But then if you were in the elite 1% technology change wouldn't be a significant expense. Delusional is ignoring the evidence that >80% of Australians have decided to select 25Mbps or slower.

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