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> hasnt bern labor fttp for 4 years

My point is that Labor established the NBNCo monopoly and defined the financial model which included speed tiers. My argument is that speed tiers (as predicted by Labor) have created a digital divide and enabled MTM

The significant changes made by LNP have been lower CVC quicker than Labor planned and build FTTN / HFC (irrelevant to the > 80% ordering 25Mbps or slower)

> As per previous dissucion your sulking at the 25Mbps mark becuase you vacant use 50% on 12/1 Lol

Still in your delusional world where >80% on 25Mbps or slower and <14% on 100Mbps is a better outcome than Labor's plan for 50% on 12Mbps, 30% on 100Mbps and ~3% on 250Mbps?

> So that other countries that are already supply 1Gbps speeds we are meant to compete with. It's a luxury is it.

You know full well that I support abolishing speed tiers, which would have made 1Gbps available for everyone. A NBN would have made it much harder for LNP to build FTTN because the gap between 10-20 fold gap between FTTN & 1Gbps FTTP is significant, whereas with >80% selecting 25Mbps or slower it is only a small group (<4%) of spoilt rich who are impacted.

Labor's plan as outlined in the NBNCo Corporate Plan was for less than 1% to have 1Gbps in 2026. This hardly makes us competitive. In fact in the 2010 Corporate Plan is a chart showing how Labor planned for us to fall further behind over time.

> But then as you love to lie and spin as usual

So quoting from Labor's NBNCo Corporate Plan is considered lying and spin?

I suggest that Labor's response to Google Fibre's 1/1Gbps direct fibre build by increasing the NBN top speed from 100Mbps to 1Gbps just prior to the 2010 election and omitting to state their expectation that it would be so expensive that <1% of Australians would be connected at 1Gbps in 2026 is a good example of spin.

My suggestion at the time and since is that Labor should have responded by offering Google $20 billion to build Google Fibre here. By now we might have had the network built and a Google Lab experimenting with Loon for remote access.

> fanboy model

I've never been a fan of FTTN / HFC. I've merely pointed out that Labor's decisions in setting up the NBN have had a significantly bigger impact. Secondly, the technology change has impact on only about 4%, .who are mostly rich.

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