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Shananigans like this is exactly the reason I hate the current plan of the Netherlands to discontinue the alert siren network and go with cell broadcast messages for emergencies. The problem is I sleep straight through alerts like this at night, and in the daytime while busy with stuff it's really easy to miss and alert if one is issued. (Happens for stuff like fires with asbestos or dangerous chemicals released for instance, advising people to stay indoors with windows closed if at all possible). There is currently a perfectly serviceable (air raid) siren network running. Yes it's more expensive, and requires testing once a month, but it works, alerts EVERYBODY in an area without fail as it's very hard to miss and is much less prone to failure because of a simple config cockup on either the network, the phone or the emergency centre sending the alert (cockups like sending an alert message to cells on the other side of the country for instance have already happened).

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