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This kind of crap is why I turned off all alerts in my phone

Amber alerts (looking for lost kids) were a nice idea but now they're so overused they're a false alarm 99% of the time, at least around here. Severe weather alerts are issued with any thunderstorm that will have hail or winds over 50 mph, which means they happen all the damn time in the summer making them useless as well even though it might be nice to get one if a tornado was bearing down.

AFAIK the government has never issued a national emergency alert, so hopefully those are reserved for when it really counts (and I'm not sure if that's something the settings in an iPhone can disable) Fortunately Trump is probably unaware he has the ability to do that, otherwise he'd probably send one instead of a tweet some night because he figures if he can't sleep why should anyone else.

Now if only I could disable the stupid alerts on my TV, but Tivo's software doesn't allow you to...

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