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1. Why can they order a service Mathew. You been banging on thats its been a viable since 2013.

2. Well you right there as it hasnt bern labor fttp for 4 years. But then how you keep on going on about it your delusional start makes out that it still it.

3. Lol so Mathew you can read the future but a lotto ticket lol. But then 60% on fttn can just get above 50%

4. So wow fttn apparently can deliver 1Gbps quick you better tell the nbn

5. Lol going off on rant there but thats for being up what fttp can really do

As per previous dissucion your sulking at the 25Mbps mark becuase you vacant use 50% on 12/1 Lol

So that other countries that are already supply 1Gbps speeds we are meant to compete with. It's a luxury is it. Lol you are expecting a middle class welfare hand out as you have already claimed you would claim an fttp connection back in tax. But then as you love to lie and spin as usual the tax payer was a just a guarantor for the nbn for on $30B not the $29b + $20B loan that your fanboy model now is lol

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