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t.b.h. I am very very worried (enough to post).

This is why I use JEE:

I worry that the "Spring" people will "take" over and the simplicity of JEE (that has taken years to perfect) will be lost.

The point of having an EE server, to run on, is that you don't have to build you server from scratch in your own code base (aka Spring).

EE servers are incredibly powerful and millions of man hours has gone into perfecting them.

J7EE is massively productive, JSF is incredibly powerful when teamed up with a components (IceFaces, Primefaces). And its stable; unlike the Javascript frameworks where the components don't work well and the whole framework is completely thrown out every 6 months. Just because people cant understand how to use JSF does not mean its JSFs problem.

People are blown away with how productive JEE is (from personal experience).

As another poster pointed out; a lot of java is not about web front ends.

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