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Home Sec Amber Rudd: Yeah, I don't understand encryption. So what?


"I don't need to understand how encryption works to understand how it's helping – end-to-end encryption – the criminals. I will engage with the security services to find the best way to combat that."

I wish she would understand how end-to-end encryption helps law abiding citizens too.

She comes across as a self-pitying self-righteous bully who invents hurts and grievances to excuse the premeditated and malicious policies that she is intending to foist upon millions of tax-payers who do nothing but make her richer and who have never harmed a hair on her head.

Malicious leeches have no place in civil society. She should take the medicine and do her --ing job or piss off back to whatever swamp she slithered out of.

FWIW I suspect the same will be true of the next Home Sec. and the one after that too. :)

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