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Life began after meteorites splashed into warm ponds of water, say astronomers


For the dazed and confused, all three of my kids managed to get this down before the age of 10. It isn't perfect, but it covers stuff rather well for a cartoon. I strongly recommend it for youngsters to get the idea of evolution.

Yes, there's stuff in there that there is still open debate over in the biophysics department, but it does well.

We've managed to test the idea of what the *minimum* requirements were to build the components of RNA, and we've seen that genetic evolution has a HUGE dependence on "Luck/Chance/random solar flare". What is missing are the concrete details - personally I'm satisfied that we're here based on an incredible string of random chances over an insanely long period of time. It is also what has me convinced that there are very likely many many many other planets out there with their own variation of chemical soup that has acquired self awareness. I just hope that its not the assholes of the universe that get the FTL bit down first.

As for the concrete details of what happened back then, we'll need the physicists to figure out how to use those gravity waves to bend time so we can look back there.

(Its stuff like this my mother, uncle and I end up booting around late in the evening over an open fire and makes life *really* interesting)

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