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Dear Amber,

You seem to be struggling to understand why techies are laughing at you. Apparently you think that the error that you made was a small one, that could be overlooked because it doesn't matter in the great scheme of things and that it's just some sort of cruelty on the part of "techies" that causes them to laugh at a jolly good person who is getting on and doing Very Important Stuff That Needs To Be Done.

Let me explain. As a techie, well actually I'm a scientist with slightly better qualifications than your own, and I'm used by now to politicians calling me a "techie" or "boffin" or even "nerd" and "geek". Clearly since my qualifications are in science, not all-important History and because none of my ancestors shagged the monarchy I'm not really of any consequence, but I think even from my lowly position I can give you a flavour of the magnitude of your cock-up.

Imagine me as a techie talking to you about history and I say that At 5:40 a.m. on the 21st of October 1805, Nelson commenced an engagement with the French and Spanish combined fleet that he would win decisively because of his creative use of the recently invented Gatling gun. How much would you sneer at me? Clearly I would be talking ignorant drivel about a subject that I barely understand.

That's you that is.

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