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Not sneering, just frowning...

No, really, Amber, we're not sneering.

We're just open mouthed in disbelief and anger than someone who is in charge of drafting legislation which is vitally important to the social, economic and political well-being of the nation has, in a public forum, in front of her own crowd, in fact, basically rolled up and told the world that she doesn't know what she's doing and doesn't understand the things about which she's supposed to be making law.

It says much about the times in which we live that a senior politician is not only unashamed of this, but seems to be reveling in the breadth of her utterly pig-headed, willful stupidity, and seems to be claiming it as some kind of virtue. Welcome to post-truth, post-intellect politics. Welcome to the fucking asylum, please collect your jacket on the way in.

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