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I agree with this. Move or be moved! .Tech keeps moving. Always been that way.

There are plenty of clouds projects out there that could be considered missteps, especially all the let's move our legacy ERP to cloud projects, but practically all greenfield projects get to build for one of the major cloud providers.

A lot of legacy software also runs great in cloud especially opensource side of the fence. I think we are seeing the move to pay as you go cloud infra, but at the same time, we are also seeing a major move towards FOSS software.

I have experience both on-prem and cloud systems. There are few things to that make the cloud shine.

Tooling. Monitoring, automation, access control and security are an order of magnitude better than anything you could get in-house unless you work at Google.

Automation is built in! This is big. I no longer need SSH and manually build everything or hope my "golden image" updates.

It's not all unicorns and rainbows, however. Lof of this tooling works really badly with legacy software bought from some regional ISV... For this look, if they are moving to SaaS model or at least do they provide premade IaaS images or Cloud deployment guides.

If not stay away from these projects. They are never on time, on budget and you get the blame....

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