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"As a government minister, finding competent advisors is (or should be) one of your key skills"

I have no idea what has given you that idea. As far as I can tell, the key skills for a government minister are shameless self-promotion and the ability to avoid taking responsibility for failures.

See, for example, Theresa May, who excelled at these two things as Home Secretary, to the point hat no-one noticed that she has literally no other recognizable skills whatsoever. If the definition for success for a minister is to become Prime Minister (which most of them seem to feel it is), then May has been tremendously successful as a minister. If it was to actually achieve anything, then she was an abysmal failure. But no-one was talking about her as a failure prior to June of this year; few people pointed to her laundry list of failed policies and missed targets at the Home Office. So clearly, actual achievements are not really a priority, and therefore having competent advisors is simply not relevant - a happy accident when it occurs, but hardly as important as a good spin doctor to hide your failures and promote your semi-triumphs as great acts of political genius.

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