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It's important to remember

That whichever idiot is Home Secretary at the time, the Home Office will continue to be a monster seeking ever more intrusive powers for itself.

It likes someone fronting the show who won't ask questions and who has no relevant experience (Amber Rudd, Jackie Smith) because then it can fill whatever passes for their minds with soothing words about how just a few more powers will secure the state. And they happily go along with it

If that person is also a genuinely nasty piece of work with an authoritarian streak as wide as the M4 (Jack Straw, David Blunkett etc) - so much the better, tabloid editors and readers alike enjoy jerking off to hard men sneering at liberals and human rights.

If the puppet falls, don't worry, another ambitious mediocrity hot-wired to the Murdoch press will be along to fill their shoes.

Quick question - last decent Home Secretary? Ken Clarke possibly or perhaps we have to go all the way back to Roy Jenkins.

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