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Put yourself in her place. It should be dreadful for politicians, used to think about themselves as "know-it-all, know-it-better" types, to find themselves naked to the truth they don't know enough, and the little they believed to know is wrong, in a world that became and is quickly becoming complex in ways all their knowledge is useless to understand, especially since very few politicians have scientific backgrounds.

The very fact she said "encryption helps criminals" shows she doesn't understand why encryption exists and why it needs to be used. Did she ever think what would mean to hinder all the things that "help criminals" - for example, sell only unsharpened knives? Register crowbar users? Ban nylon pantyhose? Enforce a max car speed of 10 km/h, so a policeman can follow thieves by foot? What about money, do politicians know the very existence of money helps criminals a lot - including those among politicians??

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