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"Doesn't sound so undesirable to me."

I don't think you understand the delights of outback mining towns. They are generally pretty shitty, because there is not other reason for them to exist other than the mine. Thus there are only miners, and a few people who are running the "services" for said miners. Getting anything to the town, be it goods, people or building supplies is horribly expensive.

Since the miners are usually on pretty good money (especially if you're stuck in the back of beyond) you have a situation of very short supply of everything, with a decent sized demand. So even a shitty house will be worth something there, since at least a house will be slightly cooler than a caravan or tent.

So a house in a shitty town can be "desirable", it's just relative to what other property is available (not much), what can be built cheaply (very little), and the wages of the residents (high). Hence you get houses, mobile homes, vehicles, booze, smokes and prostitutes all going for 2-3 times the price in the cities.

I had a friend who would buy mobile homes for ~120k, pack them full of booze, smokes and assorted supplies (another ~10k) and drive them to mining camps/towns, where he'd sell the goods and the mobile home for ~250k total. Then back to civilisation on the motorbike.

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