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Pick a fight with eBay??

Of course the guy with the deepest pocket wins.

Owners of any domain that includes an M or N is now at risk or else looking for who they can bust using the precedent. The decision should be based on whether the variant is being used in a manner to compete with the complainant or other indicators of ill-will like copying style and presentation of the site.

Now to go a bit off topic:

You may be familiar with the big department store off Red Square in Moscow

It's called GUM (Glavny Universalny Magazin) - they don't sell trees so gumtree can stand down their lawyers.

However there were rumors that they might go into partnership with eBay for a new project, effectively offering GUM surplus inventory over the internet, auction-style.

They were looking to test the concept in a limited geographical region.

South Yorkshire was once known colloquially as The Soviet Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire on account of the political leanings of the local authority and there remain strong links with Russia.

That seemed like a promising test-bed.

The project was to be called...



Ebay Gum

(apologies to readers not familiar with the Yorkshire dialect)

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