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>80% connecting at 25Mbps or slower

> Mathew can or can not fttp deliver 1Gbps. Can or can not fttn deliver 1 Gbps

it depends on how you define 'deliver'.

  • If you mean for those who have an FTTP connection today can they order a 1Gbps service, then the answer is no.
  • If you mean deliver based on Labor's expectations in the NBNCo Corproate Plan then that would be less than 1% in 2026, which is still in the future.
  • If you mean will a 1Gbps FTTP connection be affordable for the average person, I suggest that is unlikely given that >80% are currently connecting at 25Mbps or slower.
  • If you mean does FTTN present a barrier to those who can afford 1Gbps, then arguably the answer is still no, because 1Gbps plans will be very expensive.
  • If you meant in a hypothetical scenario based on political spin, then yes FTTP can deliver 1Gbps and in the lab 255TBs, but that would require replacing the NBN fibre.

As per our previous discussion you are still sulking that a network with speed tiers has resulted in >80% connecting at 25Mbps or slower and provided the basis for the position that speeds faster than 25Mbps are a luxury for which people should make the appropriate sacrifice instead of expecting a middle class welfare handout.

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