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Joint Committee on the NBN splits, as National Party member sides with opposition

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Let's see. We were sold out on broadband, again and again. We were given a hugely over priced slack solution, that will have to be replaced to come up to fibre to the premises in the next ten or so years (I imagine, amounting to more than the cost of doing it right the first time) cobbled together by politicians with no real long term efficent public benefit agenda, when fiber to the curb was the only real way to archieve a maximum data rate over copper to most curb serviced properties under most conditions (weather) but then you might as well go to the premises, user pays for new underground installation instead of fence/wall route. They claim an artificialy high price of the proper way, NEVER really PROVEN, instead offer a second or third rate alternative at a TOTALLY DISPROVEN, lower price, only to jack up the price repeatedly to similar amounts of the claimed over run of the proper way of doing it. They give away copious amounts of money to a private company to use their infrastructure, proping it up and making it a privileged rent collector off the public and other businesses, who with aging infrastructure is still going be there with hands on Australia's you know, when all this rental stuff has to be replaced and fibre installed. Throwing money out the window for a service nowhere near what we were supposed to get (old 1gb/s). I need to get up to a next gen vr business, 2 tb/s line for development, not 100mb/s. They did all this instead of doing the proper fiber to the premises more cost effectively, and look like heros for doing it. But of course, if it worked out the other party's figures, the opposition would look right, any other figure below their claimed blowout could make somebody look wrong. They have also taken far too long to deliver finalisation. In this way the Australian public is one party not benefiting to a greater degree.

There should be an UN human rights enquiry on wastage affecting rights to freedom.

Incidentally, I know one elderly gentleman being charge over a thousand for the most disgraceful looking installation job.

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