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Death of the diesel?

Electric town cars seem an excellent idea, especially if they have a very small footprint to make better use of the available space. In the specialised environment there are also major pollution benefits. Electric only within city limits could be a very good thing. A bit like the concept of pedestrian precincts. If they are limited to, say, 20 mph this reduces the need for heavy crash protection designed for much higher speed/energy impacts.

However the distribution of goods is still broadly reliant on diesel, from huge lorries down to the white van man.

So getting a 400 mile range on your lightweight electric car isn't going to solve the issue of 3.5 tonne vans distributing your Amazon purchases from central hubs.

In other news electrification of the railways has been cut back because the government has decided that it is costing too much. So the train companies have to buy diesel engines.

I don't think much heavy agricultural machinery is going electric either.

The car is only one aspect of motor transport.

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