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"Interesting thought experiment for all: Would you be proud to work at Dyson? I bloody would."

To be perfectly honest, past typical hearsay I don't factually know enough about them to base a serious job application on - but if they are indeed like Apple, I certainly wouldn't be willing to work for them for any wage (yes, really). And by "like Apple" I mean "successful mainly via being good at talking easily razzle-dazzled suckers out of their money as opposed to actually delivering tech worth the prices they ask". People who actually have a clue about technology typically don't forgive people who do that sort of thing, regardless of how rich they manage to get or how much the real world seems to validate them financially.

And sure, Isambard Kingdom Brunel may well have been a consummate businessman but coincidentally he was also a remarkably good engineer, and that's why he gets a pass and respect from most of us all around. Had he been just another "never mind the substance, feel the hype" P.T. Barnum, rest assured we'd ridicule him day in and day out too - kinda how Edison is a bit shunned in certain circles these days thanks to his business acumen being arguably a bigger part of his success than his actual tech prowess. Whether I'm right or wrong (which I may well be), that's the "illustrious" company I see Dyson in, and in my book, that only gets them contempt and scathing ridicule. And if there ever was a properly mean, vindictive bastard - I'm it...

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