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"I couldn't watch the rest of the interview after that. Easy to say when you're as bright as a button."

I can fully appreciate how many might feel the cloud is a threat to their current job, and maybe it is. But unfortunately, ignoring it will not make it go away. So your choice is either to become someone who has the skills to earn a living on the cloud, or become someone who find their skills are no longer required. The surest way to become one of the former is to be actively involved in a project moving to the cloud.

There's a lot of very experienced IT professionals who should know better than to sit on the sidelines and scoff at new technology, but are doing it all the same. "The cloud just means someone else's computer." "Nothing is as secure as my server in my server room." "It''s just Microsoft plotting to make more money."

Remember all the old systems that you were involved in replacing 30 years ago? Remember all the stick-in-the-muds who simply refused to use a computer/email/internet? Did their derision and refusal to be involved stop it happening?

I can understand how you feel. I can sympathise with your dilemma. However that's not going to keep you employed in IT. That's up to you.

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