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The writing is on the wall

Well, the MS Wall that charts their path to world dominance of IT

Soon they will make it so expensive in software license terms to have on premises anything (As compared to this cloud thingy' that the beancounters will just see the price hikes and go for a 'cloud everything' solution.

Those of us old enough to remember the good old days of Citrix... will smile.

Those of us even older who can remember the good old days of 3270 (or the ICL equivalent) will just shake their head.

However all it will take is for one major breach of security on this cloud thing and the server makers will be in seventh heaven.

The old saying,

"Your data is as safe as the next security breach" is even more important when it comes to the cloud.

At least with in-house servers you could pull a few network cables and isolate the errant system. No so easy with it all in Cloud (cuckoo) land is it?

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