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Ransomware keeping cops, NHS and local UK gov bods awake at night


The NHS is a lot of small organisations.

Operating alongside a lot of private providers.

The private providers have new equipment, some of them, some have inherited ex-NHS equipment and staff.

The departments running maintenance and upgrades are under-staffed, under-funded and over-stressed.

That is, if that particular healthcare organisation has any in-house staff. Most are moving to external contracts and tuping their existing staff..those that want to stay that is!

Locally, the hospital is joining in a partnership with another area hospital. None of their IT is compatible. You'd be surprised exactly how much is networked via people talking to each other over landlines!

Then of course there is the ever-thorny problem of external contracts ending, and new ones starting, during which the new contractor fully realises the extent of the problem they're facing........

Oh yes. This is fun. NHS style.

Decades of non-joined-up non-thinking and under-funding....

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