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Ransomware keeping cops, NHS and local UK gov bods awake at night


I dont hink they do, not 100%.

Ok, now we've IDed al lthe boxes.

Now we need to audit the software.

What software do we use?

What version have we deployed?

Is it in support?

You got to iterate to find this stuff out.

It would help if orgd kept a register of software that is being put on machines. Buy, hey!, lets live wit hte world and all its failings.

Then you nmeed to start:

DO we need this software?

is it in support?

Can it be moved/ditched/?

As far as time and money goes. NHS is a big org with lots of money. The idea with software is you can the computers to manage the software. If its needs warm bodies to maintain youve just entered into the world of 'make work IT'.

A lot of UK pubic sector spend time and money and thrown lots of medium paid, high pension people at problems rather than throw a single high paid person. You dont save money in the end.

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