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Recent polls have shown that, despite all the lies they were fed by the well organised and very well funded anti-EU campaigning groups

Well funded? Well organised? That's some of the finest revisionist history I've ever seen made up on the spot..

The Remain campaign had the entire official weight of all political parties present in Parliament (check the numbers, they're readily available on the web still). It had the full weight of the Establishment, specifically government (as distinct from the political party), the Civil Service, the BBC, the EU itself, the trade union movement, a whole litany of major companies and their bosses (BAES, Vodafone, BT, M&S, Centrica, BP, Easyjet, and others). Even the bearded tax exile, hiding in his wine cellar in the British Virgin Isles was telling the people of the UK to vote Remain. In the very large company I worked at, the CEO of the €90bn turnover foreign parent company flew over and addressed all UK employees and asked them to "make the right decision". The "Leave" campaign was led by that buffoon Bozzer (who was widely reported to be privately a Remainer, but opportunistically taking on the Leave campaign to further his ambitions).

And in terms of UK spending (so not including EU activities) the Electoral Commission concluded that the Remain campaign spent £16.2m, against the Leave campaign's £11.5m. So there was 40% more spent by the Remain campaign - not including the £10m of government spending on the Remain leaflet sent to every household. As for your utterly fucking nonsensical idea that because the Tory government were "leading" the Remain campaign, the Labour party couldn't possibly support that position, and somehow that is "unfair" and favoured the Leave campaign - what are you on? Incidentally, the Labour party was the second largest donor to the Remain campaign, but in your bitterness you might have forgotten that.

So in one respect you are right: It wasn't a fair fight, and that could be seen as undemocratic. But that unfairness was the desire of all those political and corporate bodies, all those 1%ers trying their bloody hardest to impose their view on the British public.

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