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iOS gives you a reasonable control over it, but it's a decision only you as a user can take: do you want a device tracking you but store it locally and not share it with the manufacturer so that it can predict what you're doing and help, do you want it to share with a 3rd party provider so they can, for instance, detect traffic jams and direct you around it, or do you prefer to prevent the whole data collection and analysis?

I don't like being tracked, but I accept, for instance, that the TomTom app does that so it can pick up traffic data and, at at the same time, helps TomTom with one component of their traffic jam detection system. It's a trade-off I'm accepting. However, if I take a picture I don't like geo data in it, so that's disabled in my phone.

I prefer devices that allow you to make those choices - they are yours to make, not the manufacturer or 3rd party provider. It's not an as binary decision as some make it out to be.

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