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"the wiring loom in a 2017 conventional petrol or diesel car is one of the most expensive components"

That made me think of my own adventure in car repair.

The car was a 1986 D Mark II Fiesta, with the 1.1L petrol engine. I bought it in 1995 when I got a better job and (a) could afford to buy a car and (b) needed to buy one to get to the job and (c) even had more money after paying for the car in the new job than I had had without the car in the old one.

In around 1997-8, the sticky-out bits on the ends of the wiring to the right-hand front indicator bulb housing broke off, so there was nothing to hold the wiring in place.

Ford service manager: Hmm. Well, that housing is actually part of the wiring loom - it's not meant to be replaced separately.

Steve: How much would that cost to replace?

Manager: About 500 quid just for a new wiring loom and ... a lot ... for the labour to replace it.

Steve: (hard look) Just to replace the bulb housing?

Manager: Let me talk to the lads in the back.

(time passes)

Manager: Good news. If you go to the Ford Truck and Van Repair Centre at (gives directions) you can get a spare housing for a Transit - it's mechanically compatible with the socket for the housing - and splice some spade connectors onto the existing wires to connect it up.

Steve: Cool, thanks.


FT&VRC sales attendant: That'll be eight ninety five, thanks.

Yeah, from half a grand plus labour to under a tenner. I'll take that.

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