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I propose a new El Reg unit: One Musk as the threshold of engineering achievement at which bickering reaches zero.

Thank you for that well thought out and amusing riposte! Although funnily enough, Musk is by academic background a physicist, not an engineer. I'd agree we like to "stick it to the man" on anything, even Musk gets cut no slack round here over Hyperloop. Another contributor opined that Dyson hasn't been dead long enough (or even at all) to be appreciated, I suspect that's true as well.

But it was the relentlessness of the criticism of Dyson that got me, such as criticising him for being good at marketing his products, even one or two disparaging comments that Dyson is like Apple, as if that's a bad thing. I'll wager that Franco-British genius IK Brunel was a bloody good economist and a master of spin and salesmanship. If you can't sell it, then other than as a hobby there's no point making it.

Interesting thought experiment for all: Would you be proud to work at Dyson? I bloody would.

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