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"Exactly how successful does an engineer have to be in Britain before you lot will be positive about them?"

You must be new here. Yes, I know full well you aren't but that only makes the question more perplexing. IT'S WHAT WE DO. What's the point of pointing out stuff that is just fine and dandy? Everyone else out there is lining up to do that (even when it's not true, which is most of the time), they don't need us for that. Rather when stuff is plainly bollocks instead there should be someone to point that out too, and we happen to love doing just that. But let it not be said I'm not addressing your point - as a matter of fact I don't see much bickering around here regarding Elon's rocket landings so hey, I propose a new El Reg unit: One Musk as the threshold of engineering achievement at which bickering reaches zero. You're welcome.

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