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James Dyson is a multibillionaire who shuttered his UK manufacturing and moved it to the far East.

You obviously missed the point that he actually tried to do his manufacturing in the UK in the first place, despite all efforts of government to make this the most costly business location on earth. Would you rather his products were even more expensive?

I'm all for UK government investment in UK technology, and that money would be much better spent by giving it to a genuine research establishment (e.g a university) than to a private business, where it would also help to train the desperately needed next generation of scientists and engineers

Again, you appear to have missed all that Dyson has done for UK engineering training. His investment in a UK technology institute to become in effect a complete new school of engineering and science, extensive recruitment for degree and regular apprenticeships. Government waffle and achieve nothing, Dyson's doing stuff, out of his own pocket.

who will be so badly harmed by brexit, rather than rewarding someone who selfishly lobbied for brexit because it suits his own tax arrangements.

Oh, god, another remoaner going on-and-fucking-on about Brexit. We had a vote. More people voted than in any previous election, and more people voted leave than for any single referendum or electoral outcome in British history. There will be changes and consequences as a result of Brexit, but the thing is to make the best of it, rather than wringing your hands about what a tragedy it is. I think its quite telling that another privately held company that is globally successful and majors on engineering and UK manufacture (JCB) are also pro-Brexit. The corporate voices clamouring for remain don't appear to have been entrepreneurs, but instead suit wearing corporate accountants, worried that their tax efficient cross border trade arrangements were on the line, or their ability to source cheap labour from Eastern Europe. And channelling all of their on-line sales through tax havens like Luxembourg or Ireland, isn't that because it suits their own tax arrangements - that's different, I take it?

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