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What I'd like to know is why he is being given public money to the tune of £174m towards this,

"Loyal Commenter", you could do a bit of research before spouting crap? If you looked at the press coverage, followed the links to the government's National Infrastructure Plan, you'd have found in twenty seconds that the government grant is £16m. The £174m is the total associated investment, and Dyson will need to find the majority.

But why the carping even if the government were paying £174m? Are you saying you don't want government to invest in UK technology? That's a tiny, tiny fraction of the amount they waste on misbegotten projects of their own every year, or the typical cost increase on MoD kit. And it pales into insignificance with the £16bn+ that government have signed up for you to pay for smart meters, or the £30bn+ Hinkley Point. Maybe you'd prefer them spending the money on Ethiopian female pop groups and the other really useful stuff in the £13bn foreign aid budget?

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