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"TBH I'd be more interested in his cyclonic diesel filter idea. Having to empty a container of soot every so often seems a better idea than having a metal filter flooded with extra diesel and burned at high temperature before clogging up with the remaining ash resulting in a massive repair bill and probably a dumped car after a while."

In this months Car Mechanic's magazine, there's a photo of an engine with a hole through the side of it. The owner had the Seat Ibiza since new and was repeatedly told to do a service on the car. He never did. 7 years later, the engine stops on him while on the motorway. The conrod had blown through the side of the engine, the damage was terminal.

The DPF in diesels works the way it does because of people like this guy who don't care about the engine or the mechanics of the car, they just keep expecting it to work. People who have issues with DPF brought the wrong car to drive 99% of the time in town/city driving. If you do mixed driving (so you go on the motorway) the DPF won't cause an issue.

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