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> How would you feel if low income workers who were fired for incompetence or misconduct

> had to give back several years of ... pay?

Apples and Oranges. Or maybe Apples and Lear Jets.

Low income workers are already getting screwed, frankly. And trying to get blood from a turnip, and all that. But this fuckwit apparently has plenty of blood. In other news some retirement fund that invested in Uber wants its money back because of Uber's fuckwits and fuckups. Why should this be any different?

He gets $18M for retirement. What have we got to show for the millions he's already been given and we're going give him $18M more? I'm almost certainly a shareholder through my 401k. Enough is enough, time to stop giving these assholes so much, for so little in return.

Yes, I'm starting to feel a bit like Mssr and Madam Defarge.

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