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"Morals do exist, and the simplest morals are unequivocal"

I will need such an example. I have never heard yet of one but I am interested if there is one.

"Kant defined the moral imperative as those societal rules which enable society to prosper if adopted by everybody"

What unequivocal moral rules exist in this category? Everyone seems to have their own morals and thats after cultural, regional, country or religion. Some people believe religion give you your morals! Different cultures even if they dont believe in a religion still believe in certain modesty rules including when a woman is ok to speak/interfere! Many perfect societies have been dreamed up if everyone could be forced to be the same but that is of 1 persons morality when everyone has their own.

"respect for human life. If nobody respected human life we would perish as a race"

Are you sure? When human life is cheap and abundant? How much human life has been killed off and even with a moral standing not including war? You think the communists didnt think they were moral as people starved? People trying to save others souls because it is morally right regardless of the religion? Or the morality of protecting your own by removing the lives of those who have no regard for others?

"And your last statement - no it’s not ok. The fact that it happens, doesn’t make it ok."

To somebody. But to others it is moral. Every time someone knocks on my door to save my soul and bring me to christ or on the street to bring me to allah or anywhere even online to tell me my political leaning is immoral to them because I do not agree with their position which may be demonstrated to kill people. Oddly all kinds of things can be morally justified even if it will be bad.

To save the many we need to take away X freedom. Oh no they adapted we must remove Y freedom. Its for our own good of course. There is a reason this is known as the thin end of the wedge. Or the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And some of the scariest ideas have been morally brought about. Some of the worst atrocities. And because it feels moral or can be justified morally people get sucked into it, good people get sucked into it. And they may feel they are right all along, or they may pass a point and realise it is too far. But it was moral and some will still believe it is even if it involves killing people.

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