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The problem is this isnt just a government problem. Apparently no-platforming is ok now in the UK, I thought this was just a US problem. Rights and freedoms have been removed considerably for a while with labels replacing thought. We have had this teaching of how not to think in schools for a while now and just look at the intolerance and tribalism for brexit or elections with actions being worth less than labels.

Our perception so skewed that we are part of a war on terror. I urge anyone to look up steve hughes war on terror if you want to know why it is so insanely daft. It justifies anything.

What worries me is that it doesnt matter which side of the political spectrum you are on the intolerance of other views is intolerance plain and simple no matter how it is justified. Unfortunately I find pointing this out causes labels of 'far right' by those intolerant of other views.

People are unfortunately coming around to the idea that it is ok to actively support coming after people under certain labels as long as the person agrees that label is intolerable.

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