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Brit broke anti-terror law by refusing to cough up passwords to cops

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As an interesting aside ..

Arrive at Heathrow in 2015

Border Agency Goon: 'Excuse me Sir, could you step this way please? It's nothing you have done Sir, you have simply been selected for a random search. Can you please switch on your laptop? Oh, I see you have a security password on your laptop. Would you mind entering it please?'

Me: "Yes, I would'

Border Agency Goon; rants on about breach of law, up to 5 years in jail plus £10,000 fine. Brings in 2 mates who pick up laptop and shake it, as if that will sort out the password.

Me: 'I would love to give you the password but this laptop belongs to Cabinet Office'. Can I call the office please and I am sure they will help you?'

Border Agency zero-hours knuckle-draggers go into a huddle and decide that this is above their pay-grade.

Motto: If you want to deal with people like that, smile, agree, be helpful and slide the knife in gently.

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