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Brit broke anti-terror law by refusing to cough up passwords to cops

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Belief beggared and beyond.

" ... It beggars belief."

Unfortunately, it does not and hasn't for a number of years. !!!

In the never ending 'Fight against Terror' (tm) privacy and rights are somewhat fluid.

[In the sense of water running down a drain and once gone never seen again !!!]

The 'Great Unwashed' are being conditioned to give away their privacy daily and this means that less and less people will care.

This is not even really about protecting sources etc but about the loss of the right to privacy when you have NOT committed any crime or wrongdoing.

Guilt/Innocence is a factor that is not of concern anymore, just whether you have something that certain powers want !!!

1984 is looking like a desirable paradigm to stop at as we are trying to exceed the definition each day more and more.

All Governments regardless of 'flavour' are grabing more and more power/rights to exploit their own citizens.

Terrorists WILL eventually be defeated even if by no other method than the original instigators of the flawed Ideas/Teachings etc simply die and the fervour is dissapated by time.

Governments on the other hand simply 'roll on' and what has 'always been' continues Year to Year/Political Term to Political Term.

Few Governments target reducing their powers as the norm.

Don't worry though ..... with President Trump & Kim Jung Un (AKA 'Little Rocket Man') we may have other things to be concerned about in the shorter term. !!!

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